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Talking in Circles
Robert Honstein
Sara Sasaki - Violin; Olivia Davis - Viola
Trio for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
Louis Durey
Bethany Lawrence - Oboe; Tyler Webster - Clarinet; Adam Drake - Bassoon
Woodwind Quintet
Elliot carter
Meghan Bennett - Flute; Bethany Lawrence - Oboe; Tyler Webster - Clarinet; Sarah Au - French Horn; Adam Drake - Bassoon
Photos from the Spiderhouse Concert

Prismatx members Meghan, Bethany, Tyler, Sarah, and Adam performing a piece written for wind quintet

The audience is gathering for the live performance about to happen at Spiderhouse in Austin, TX

Dan Welcher conducts Pierrot Lunaire pictured with art by Rachel Stuckey

Rachel Stuckey watches as her art is being shown during the performance

Members Meghan, Bethany, and Sarah are preparing for their performances

The audience is enjoying a piece written for brass quintet 

Members Tyler and Matt are performing Pierrot Lunaire

Members Meghan and Jordan are performing as the opener for the first ever Prismatx concert at Spiderhouse in Austin, TX

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